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Heather Hyatt Zanfardino Is More Than Just Her Dental Assistant Duties

 A picture of Heather Hyatt Zanfardino from Carolina Family Dental

It is difficult to quantify all that Heather brings to Carolina Family Dental. When you look at a person’s job description, “Make office fun” is never on the list. Yet creating fun has become a welcomed part of her dental assistant duties. She is commonly thought of as the office comedian or comedy relief, and when work is busy or challenging, Heather’s humor can keep the vibe positive, and that’s no small thing. 

Another quality to Heather that doesn’t show up on a list of dental assistant duties is what an example she sets in dedication, both to Carolina Family Dental and to her family. She loves and serves well and it reverberates through the staff. 

Heather’s dedication to oral health and patients started as an interest in dentistry when she was 12 years old, carried her to study at Horry-Georgetown Technical College, and powers her today just as it has for the last 13 years at Carolina Family Dental. Heather revels in helping her patients be comfortable and, ultimately, confident. When asked what she wants her patients to know, Heather said, “How awesome they all are!” She loves, loves getting to “know each and every patient and their family.”  

And Heather is more than a list of dental assistant duties as a person. Her family is her prized possession and her favorite things to do are to hang out with the family or watch her kids in their activities. 

This theme of dedication to the important elements of life - faith, family, fun, and service - is one of the many fantastic qualities Heather Hyatt Zanfardino brings to her extensive dental assistant duties, and why she is absolutely essential as part of the cast of characters here at Carolina Family Dental.

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