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Why We Love Our Dental Assistant Sabrina Wilson

A picture of Sabrina Wilson From Carolina Family Dental

When you work with the same people everyday, you learn things about each other. For example, the rest of us here at Carolina Family Dental know that one of our dental assistants, Sabrina Wilson, is a great storyteller. That's one of the many things we love about her. We also love to hear her talk about the things that are most important to her — like her family, coworkers, traveling, and oral health, among a myriad of other elements of life.

On the list of priorities for Sabrina is her love of our patients. She takes a genuine interest in each person and that is not always easy to find in an employee. As a dental assistant, she meets many great people and wants to know about each person's family and interests, and anything else. Since one of our goals is to care for people beyond just their oral health, having teammates like Sabrina on the team is essential.

Sabrina has demonstrated her care for her patients for many years. Even as a high school student, she was drawn to the dental field. Then she attained an associate degree in health science, then her certification, and now she's devoted four years to Carolina Family Dental as a dental assistant. She's proven herself dedicated to oral health and you, the patient. 

If asked which coworker was most likely to get eaten by a bear while camping, or who was most likely to be falsely arrested, they would almost unanimously pick Sabrina. Wonder why? Contact our office to set up an appointment and you might get to meet Sabrina. (The other team members are awesome as well. Truly. In fact, check out our other blog posts about Sabrina’s fellow team members here.)