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We Offer Partial Dentures for Back Teeth & Front Teeth in North Myrtle Beach

Partial dentures for back teeth isolated on a white background.

Here at Carolina Family Dental, we believe in providing the most excellent dental services so that our clients can feel healthy and confident with their smile. One of the services we offer at our office in Little River, SC is partial dentures. Whether you need partial dentures for back teeth or for your front teeth, our team of professionals will help you find the best fit for your mouth.

What exactly are partial dentures, you ask? Well, partial dentures are created for those who need replacement teeth, whether for aesthetic or functional reasons. Those who get partial dentures often can’t have a bridge, so they opt for this removable option. Patients may need partial dentures for back teeth or partial dentures for front teeth, depending on their situation.

There are several types of partial dentures to choose from, including flexible partial dentures, metal removable partial dentures, and acrylic removable partial dentures. Out of these options, the partial denture made with metal tends to be the most popular since it is usually the most cost effective choice. Partial acrylic dentures are mostly used as a placeholder solution until metal dentures have been created. For those who are missing teeth in unique places, a flexible partial denture is usually the best option.

And, while some partial dentures for back teeth and front teeth do contain metal, Dr. Tripp Davis at Carolina Family Dental will be happy to create a treatment tailored for your dental needs that uses metal free partials.

Whether you get partial dentures for back teeth or for your front teeth, it’s important to keep in mind that, while dentures aren’t real teeth, they do need to be treated as such. That’s why you should be certain to perform daily teeth cleaning and follow recommended oral hygiene routines from your dentist. You may also want to schedule maintenance appointments with your dentist to ensure that your partial dentures are serving you well.

Are you interested in learning more about partial dentures? If you think that partial dentures for back teeth or front teeth seem like a good fit for you, then be sure to make an appointment by contacting us at Carolina Family Dental. Our professional staff and experienced dentists will work with you in order to find the best partial denture option for you.