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Get Beautiful Teeth with a Smile Makeover

A man has his hands shaped like a heart in front of his beautiful teeth.

Everyone smiles. Well, except for that one teacher virtually everyone in the world had. But not everyone likes their smile. In fact, some are extremely self-conscious about not having beautiful teeth and they try not to smile as much as possible, especially around coworkers, dates, and even strangers.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You have teeth that are chipped, cracked, or show excessive wear.
  • The appearance of your smile seems too dominated by your gums.
  • You hate the way your teeth line up and the space between them.
  • You feel that the size of your teeth, whether they appear too large or too small, isn't proportionate and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Your teeth are yellow or just not as white as you'd like.

If you answered yes to any of those, then it might be time for a smile makeover.

As many celebrities will attest, makeovers are an incredible service aimed at enhancing your appearance by bestowing you with beautiful teeth and a captivating smile. Principally employed to rectify dental issues like misaligned, discolored, or chipped teeth, they can also address problems of missing teeth or gaps between them.

Smile Makeover Options

At Carolina Family Dental, we can help you achieve that beautiful smile with:


A seemingly straightforward yet highly effective procedure, teeth whitening can drastically elevate the appeal of your smile. Our dentists at Carolina Family Dental can professionally lighten your teeth up to ten shades in a single visit. This procedure is carried out in the controlled and safe environment of our dental office, under the watchful eyes of our skilled cosmetic or general dentists. A peroxide-based whitening solution is meticulously applied to your teeth, followed by the use of a potent UV light. This UV light aids in curing the solution, lifting stains, and enhancing the color of your teeth, leading to a radiant and beautiful smile.

Tooth/Teeth Replacement: 

If you're looking to restore your beautiful smile, consider procedures like denture fitting or dental implant placement. These treatments can replace missing teeth, leading to a comprehensive smile makeover. Dental implants can offer a discreet solution for tooth replacement. And for those seeking a blended approach to tooth replacement, implant-supported dentures could be your ticket to a more beautiful smile.


If you're seeking to restore severely damaged teeth and achieve a beautiful smile, dental crowns are the perfect choice. Crafted from ceramic or porcelain materials, crowns envelop the entire tooth, not only safeguarding the natural tooth but also significantly enhancing its appearance.


Porcelain veneers, a widely embraced smile makeover choice, offer a transformative solution for getting beautiful teeth that last. These thin dental overlays are strategically placed over the problematic teeth, significantly enhancing the appearance of stained, cracked, chipped or uneven teeth, and improving their functionality. Due to their durability and the ability to match the patient's natural tooth color, veneers provide an unobtrusive and long-lasting treatment option, fully capable of revitalizing a less-than-perfect tooth.

In conclusion, a beautiful smile is more than just an aesthetic feature, it's a testament to your health, confidence and personality. At Carolina Family Dental, we are committed to turning your dream of having a beautiful smile into a reality.