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Better Dentistry Though Intra-oral Photos

A dental operatory with an intra-oral camera

Ever been driving with your GPS and think, “How did I ever get along without this phone?” Well, dentists feel the same way about intra-oral cameras that take detailed pictures for both the dentist and the patient to see precisely what’s going on inside the mouth. This invaluable tool and its intra-oral photos make examining so much easier and, frankly, make dentists better dentists. 

What Is an Intra-Oral Camera?

An intra-oral camera gets magnified images from difficult angles and displays them in real time for the dentists to see as they make diagnoses. The camera systems also record the data for future reference. 

Benefits of Intra-oral Photos

To be such a game changer, you might be wondering what makes these images so important. There are many benefits dentists have by way of intra-oral photos:


Dentists can…


  • See detailed and magnified views of the mouth


  • Access hard to reach or hard to see places


  • Diagnose with greater accuracy



  • Increase patient awareness and cooperation


  • Record the data


  • Send the data easily to other medical offices when requested


  • Improve insurance acceptance rates


  • Watch for changes in the oral health, both good and bad, over time


At Carolina Family Dental, we’re serious about taking care of our patients, and intra-oral photos is just one way we accomplish our goal. We also utilize many other means, such as digital x-rays, laser dentistry, implants, dentures; as well as various cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments like GLO teeth whitening, veneers, and the aesthetic-minded filling and crown options.

If you like the idea of a dental practice using advanced technology such as intra-oral photos, coupled with extraordinary customer care, we would love to talk to you! Contact us with any questions or to make an appointment.