Patient Testimonials

I started using Dr. Davis several years ago, and wouldn’t go anywhere else. He truly seems to care for his patients and goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable, satisfied and pain free. His staff is awesome and friendly — they are a great asset to his practice. I wouldn't go anywhere else, my children are patients as well. I am 100% satisfied with all the dental work he has done for me and the care he provides to me and my children.

Joy T.

I couldn't be happier with my new smile provided by Dr. Tripp Davis. I have had many bad experiences with dentists, starting in my very young years. I have been treated by Dr. Davis over five years and have developed trust in him and his staff. I finally decided to have Dr. Davis provide me with a new smile and, I am absolutely thrilled. Dr. Davis was informative about my treatment and sensitive to my concerns and well being. Thank you Dr. Davis for my fabulous smile, I absolutely love it!! Thank you also to Tanya and Heather for their support and encouragement. 

Carolyn L.

Every time I have been to Dr. Davis, I have received very good care. Everybody is friendly and I appreciate the good service.


Cathy G.

Everyone is so friendly, very caring...professional but makes me feel very welcomed.. They explained

everything and go the extra mile I was very impressed from the first phone call to make my first

appointment. Glad I decided to go to Dr. Davis! He and his staff are awesome!

Lynette G.

When I was searching for a new dentist, a neighbor told me that he felt Dr. Davis would be my best bet. He was right — from the moment l walked in the door, through the entire process of having my smile transformed from awful to beautiful, Dr. Davis and his girls treated me like I was the only patient there. They really do care and are there with such an attitude of professionalism and sen/ice, so I have found my last dentist. l love you Dr. Davis and all you girls :) !

Cecile M.

This was my first visit, but not my last for sure! CFD is probably the nicest, best designed, state-of-the-art dental office I have seen. Personnel are knowledgeable, experienced professionals who make every part of the visit pleasurable. Prices are quite reasonable, too.

Floyce H.

Dear Doctor Davis & Company,

I would like to tell you how pleased I am with your entire group of people. I have had several major dental expenditures of my lifetime so for the last 10-15 years I have been regularly getting a cleaning and checkup every three months rotating between a dentist and periodontist. When I moved to the beach full time, I eventually came in for a checkup on my three month rotation, expecting to get a "clean bill of health". I brought xrays from a periodontist that were taken three months earlier; your hygienist found several problems as Well as a periodontal problem. You Wanted to take you own hi-tech xrays and found I had live crowns that had leaked and had to be replaced; one had so much decay, it had to be pulled. I thought crowns were forever and never heard of adhesive leaking permitting decay in the void. To think I had just seen a periodontist 3 months earlier and my dentist 6 months earlier and not a clue that I had major problems. If l had left the problem go much longer, I would have lost more teeth.

Your offices are the most modern, pleasant and efficient as is all your equipment. All of the girls have wonderful personalities and are quite professional. You have the touch to give a needle without any painful feeling Whatever!

It is a pleasure to see you and your staff continually strive to be the best rather than so many people today only doing what is necessary to get a paycheck.

Finest regards,

Dick L.

"Dear Dr. Davis,

After 15 years it was necessary to replace the "vintage" veneers on my top front teeth. Thanks to you, it all went well and the new veneers look absolutely beautiful. I am delighted and thrilled we went ahead. And the finished work was excellent.

Thanks again,
Tom B."


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